Auto Imagination was started in 1976 by Nick Butler. Nick is a family man as well as an engineer. Nick trained as an engineer at Hawker Siddeley (later British Aerospace and BA Systems) at Kingston and Dunsfold, working on Harrier Jump Jets and Hawk experimental assignments as well as stress analysis and flight testing. In 1976 Nick set up 'Auto Imagination' designing and building one-off cars. From 1984 onwards consumer and industrial products have been designed and manufactured. One of Nick’s favourite creations is the Delta Bike, the lightest full-suspension all carbon fibre cross-country mountain bike in the world. The projects shown on this site are but a glimpse of the exciting and challenging work undertaken over a thirty five year period.

Nick prides himself in liaising with clients to ensure the best possible implementation of their requirements. Product conceptualisation is through the use of mixed media, chalk, ink and pencil renderings as well as digital computer images. Following concept appraisal, models, up to full size, using traditional techniques and CNC* machines are produced to provide 3D mock-ups.

Nick uses traditional techniques and CAD+ software to produce engineering drawings and digital models for production and/or prototype manufacture. Prototype manufacturing encompasses all aspects: fabrication, machining, panel work, electrical, electronic, composites including carbon fibre, etc. Nick is involved in research and development, identifying new and better ways of building products that perform to higher standards.

Nick also develops logos, artwork and sales literature to support and promote the products. Automotive projects are just one aspect of Nick's creativity. Typically he excels in finding elegant solutions to product development at every step from concept right through to production.

* CNC - Computer Numerical Control 
+ CAD - Computer Aided Design