A 1950 Austin Devon panel van with a difference! It spent six years in construction and included an all new aluminium body shell.

The power train consists of a 6.5 Litre Pontiac V8 with forced induction GMC supercharger and quadruple twin choke down-draught Weber carburettors. Transmission of over 650 b.h.p. is accomplished with a Turbo Hydro 400 transmission and a limited slip Salisbury differential. She has double wishbone stainless steel independent suspension at front and rear and of course, disc brakes all round.

Turning this Hot Rod magically from a road car into a show car is achieved at the press of two buttons on a key fob sized remote transmitter. Just drive to a show venue, step out of the car, press one button and the one-piece "flip front" unlocks itself from the body shell and opens forward. Press another button on the key fob and the body shell unlocks itself from the chassis and lifts itself upwards, pivoting at the rear. The driver doesn't have to release any mechanical fixings - the electro/hydraulic system is self regulating and provides eager onlookers with a full view of all the polished stainless steel and aluminium running gear in just twenty five seconds from when the engine stops. When all the questions have been answered two more buttons on the key fob lower the body and front back down and once more the rumble of the V8 provides "adequate" motivation to enthrall yet more enthusiasts.