Cirrus was applauded by the motoring press for its performance, engineering, fit and finish. 
Tiff Needel counted her as a favourite.

Cirrus has a targa top roof, mid-mounted V8 engine and four-wheel drive. She was built on a space frame chassis during the mid to late 80's.

After building a string of show winning hot rods/custom cars Nick Butler created a seperate company ,the 'Gold Motor Company', and began designing the Cirrus. The car used a composite bodyshell on a steel space frame chassis, with a mid mounted 3.9 Rover V8 sending drive to all 4 wheels via a specially developed Ferguson viscous centre differential, distributing the power, front & rear. The radiator was mounted in the rear which minimised drag and maximised luggage and roof stowage space in the front.




Nick made three models of Cirus. The cars shown here feature targa roof panels. The prototype was painted gold and the second car was painted red.

Take a look at the Top Gear test drive by Tiff Needell (left) of the Cirrus.

Right: The unfinished third model of Cirrus.