3D scanning and Reverse Engineering

Auto Imagination has two 3D scanners to create data for reverse engineering.

The Renishaw Cyclone is an automatic scanner or our manually operated Faro arm. Both create “point clouds” from any physical object up to 2.4metres in size.

We are able to create a “surface model” from the point cloud data to produce a 3D CAD model to work with. If you would like an object to be scanned please contact us for more information.

CAD Modelling

At Auto Imagination we are able to produce 2D and 3D CAD models using the latest software. We can also produce rendered images for visualisations and technical drawings for prototyping and production purposes.

CNC Machining

Auto Imagination has recently invested in a CNC machine. We can machine anything from simple patterns to complex components and profiling. Auto Imagination has the in-house answer.

Our Rye CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine has automatic tool changing and tool height setting with a working envelope of 1700mm x 1000mm x 350mm. Larger components can be machined in layers or matched sections.

Machinable materials include light foams, polyurethane and epoxy modelling boards, soft to hard woods and aluminium. Machining speeds up to 5 metres per minute using cutter sizes from 0.5mm to 20mm diameter combine to bring you a machining service you can rely upon.

You can supply us with a simple hand sketch with dimensions or a CAD model to enable us to provide a quotation for you.

As well as CNC machining we have other traditional machines.