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A supercharged Morris Minor convertible had been talked about in my home town during the late '60's. By chance I came across the car parked by a local car showroom long before I even owned a car myself. Years later the owner asked me to carry out some modifications to the Shorrocks supercharged "A" Series engine. Later still I installed a different rear suspension.

Then a major rebuild of the car was offered to me but this time the brief was to keep only the bodyshell and build everything else from scratch. Now the engine was a Tom Walkinshaw Racing prepared Rover V8 with 350 B.H.P. and on-dash variable ECU control. Utilizing suspension parts from the Rover V8 an all new independent front suspension was fabricated and a watts linkage controlled coil sprung four bar rear suspension. Fully polished light weight Halibrand five spoke "mags" retained the link with the past for this adrenaline ride into the future.