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The Speedbirds division of Auto Imagination is devoted to the production of exciting high performance model aircraft. Our first three scale models are an F18 Hornet , the SR71 Blackbird and a B2 Spirit bomber. All models are produced using a lightweight hollow composite construction of glass/carbon, epoxy, foam sandwich. Surface finish is built in and includes all panel lines and wing corrugations on the Blackbird faithfully reproduced. Clear canopies and water slide or dry rub-down transfers are included. 

All models are available to special order. Please enquire


- Wing span:720mm / 28 inches.
- Length:1030mm / 40.5 inches.
- Flying Weight: Approx 1474gms. / 3lb. 4oz.
- Ducted fan: 68mm MiniFan, HET fan or Schubeler.
- Controls: Throttle, All flying tailplane (Tailerons), Flaps/ailerons (Flaperons). 
- Launch: Catapult / dolly.


- Wing span: 840mm / 33 inches.
- Length: 1630mm / 64 inches.
- Flying Weight: Approx 3544gms / 7lb. 13oz.
- Ducted fan x 2: 68mm MiniFan, HET fan or Schubeler.
- Controls: Throttle, Elevators, ailerons, rudders, Crow braking set-up.
- Launch: Catapult / dolly


"I am currently building the first pre production model having ironed out most of the tuning on the prototype with the help of my test pilot Neil Jarvis (right in picture above). The aeroplane has flown on Kokam 4S 4000 packs (2) with MiniMega 16/20/2 motors in stock MiniFans. The pre production model will have Plettenberg Moskito 3 motors in Schubeler fans. The model is all scale with all panel line details and will shortly have it's full set of authentic decals applied. I'm also putting together a comprehensive DVD."


The Northrop B2 Spirit is one of the largest and most expensive military aeroplanes ever produced and because of it’s stealth requirements is one of the hardest to make a flying model of. As a pure flying wing it has no stabilizing tailplane or vertical fin and rudder surfaces. There in lay the challenge but this scale model proved to be both stable and very fast because of it’s reduced drag factor. Designing the model in CAD and machining patterns and moulds for a vacuum bagged construction produced an airframe weight of little over 0.5 Kg. Control surfaces include, elevators, ailerons and drag rudders which operate in an identical manner to the full size aircraft. Twin electric ducted fan units provide more than adequate power.

Picture of actual model (left)

Transmitter Tray

Within radio controlled model circles the use of a "tray" to mount the radio transmitter has become the norm for competitive "pilots", who demand precise control of their aeroplanes. This "new concept" tray extends the established format by providing the pilot's hands with ergonomically shaped supports. An enhanced level of connectivity is thus established between body/transmitter and hands/joysticks leading to greater levels of pilot comfort and flight path accuracy.