A spaceship on six wheels. The English manufacturer Wolfrace wheels (then headed by Bary Treacy) did much to heal its brand. It took Nick two years to build and cost more than £97000.

Sonic was one of the first cars to use "Drive by Wire" technology, employing a computer to control the twin V8 engines. Their drive was harmonised using computer controlled gearboxes through to the rear wheels.

Sonic was built on a space frame chassis and had a composite "semi monocoque" body. She was a promotional vehicle forWolfrace Wheels and used throughout Europe through early to mid 80's.

The computer heart of Sonic features a micro processor with a 100 input / output handling capacity, all of which is used to its limits. The starting procedure requires starting both engines in sequence and instructing the computer to harmonise the running of each before engaging a gear on the push button gear selector. 


(Left:Here you can see Sonic painted red for Barry Treacy and stored in its trailer.)